Our Cheese


A semi-hard cheese made from raw sheep's milk and aged more than 60 days with a natural rind rubbed with cocoa and olive oil. A mild yet distinctive flavor.

Mohawk Maenad: Natural, Provence Herb, and Onion & Garlic

A spreadable cheese made from pasteurized sheep's milk, similar to a fresh chevre, but even better! Sweet and versatile.


A traditional Greek-style feta, in crumbled form, made from raw sheep's milk and aged.

Our Farm to Your Table

Monica Foote is as passionate about making high-quality handcrafted farmstead sheep's cheese as her parents, Ken and Marsha, are about caring for their flock of pasture-raised East Fresian sheep on their family farm in the historic Mohawk Valley.

Named for the creek that runs through their fields, Danascara cheese is one of the few Sheep's milk cheeses produced in the U.S. Made from fresh milk every 24-48 hours, you can taste the Foote family's commitment to feeding your family.

Good Cheesemaking is part art, part science. Danascara cheese is the perfect blend of Monica's research roots—with degrees in animal science, animal nutrition, and immunology—and her passion for producing the highest quality, handcrafted cheese.

From the daily care of the flock to the meticulous affinage (aging) of the cheese, the Foote family's passion is evident in the wholesome cheese they deliver from their farm to your table.

Find Our Cheese

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  • Honest Weight Co-Op
  • Troy Waterfront Farmers Market
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